9 Pieces of Beyoncé Wisdom You Should Apply to Chat Rooms

Goddess of all, queen of the beautiful people, and just plain rockstar Beyoncé spends a lot of time preaching goodness and love. She’s a tireless supporter of positive self-image, fierce and earnest kindness, and people supporting people. No matter where she is or whom she is talking to, she never fails to bring some wisdom to the situation. So here are a few wise words from Queen Bey herself on how you should behave in chat rooms (because you know she was totally talking about chat rooms).


1. More patience, you take might get you in more places/ You can’t be abrasive, have to know to pace it – “Check Up On It”  

In chat rooms, members can talk to several different people at once, so it’s important to be patient with new pals. If they don’t answer your message right away, understand that they may be away from the computer or busy talking to someone else. They will appreciate your patience and consideration.


2. Honesty/ Is hardly ever heard/ And mostly/ What I need from you – “Honesty”

Being honest with the pals you meet in chat rooms is perhaps one of the most important rules you can follow. Because you haven’t physically met, the person you are chatting with is trusting you to be honest about who you say you are. Be confident in what you have to offer and others will respond to it.  

I just like people to be themselves.



3. “What does fear taste like? Success.” – Beat Magazine

Joining a chat room, especially if you’re new to it, can be scary. The only way to overcome that fear is to try it anyway and find a community where you feel comfortable and engaged. In order to achieve success we need to experience the vulnerability and fear that comes along with taking risks.

A winner don't quit on themselves



4. “With a lot of success comes a lot of negativity.” – Essence.com

Whether you own a chat room or follow it, interacting with strangers can be unpredictable. There will be people who don’t agree with you and try to knock you down. In order to have a successful experience, you must stay positive and embrace every part of the journey.


Shake it out!



5. “If you live your life with kindness and give other people great energy, that beauty and great energy come back to you.” – People.com

In chat rooms, members have to make quick decisions about whom they want to talk to. First impressions are crucial while trying to make new pals. Fellow chat room users will respond better and engage more in conversation if you are kind and calm.

Oh yes.



6. Somewhere between hi and goodbye/ I felt so comfortable/I felt like we could talk all night – “Yes”

It is important when starting a new friendship with someone that you feel comfortable with them and share common interests. If you don’t feel comfortable or are not enjoying the conversation with someone then there is no obligation to continue it.


7. I’m a host of imperfection and you see past all that – “Flaws and All”

When you’re trying to make new friends, online or IRL, it’s easy to worry about what others will think of you. Making a good first impression is important but it’s even more important to be yourself. A true friend will see past your flaws and accept you for who you are.


8. “We all have our purpose, and we all have our strengths…” – Anderson Cooper 360

Being in a chat room where all members have a common interest can help you feel more confident and excited about participating. Find out which topics you would like to discuss and have the most knowledge about in order to get the most out of your chat room experience.




9.”Not everyone is supposed to be the same. Be healthy and take care of yourself – and be happy with the beautiful things that made you.” – Shape Magazine

Chat rooms are places where many different kinds of people with various personalities and opinions will converge. Remember to embrace your differences, keep an open mind and always stay true to yourself, because let’s face it — you’re flawless.


You run the world.


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