In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we are sharing #PaltalkLoveStories. If you have a Paltalk love story for us, complete this form or find us @paltalk on Twitter with the hashtag #PaltalkLoveStory. Thanks to Dixie and John for being the first to tell their story!

With cold weather almost here (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), it’s time to get creative with your indoor activities. Luckily, the internet is full of suggestions that will help you have fun while staying warm!

Chat rooms and politics may seem like two unrelated topics. However, chat rooms can be valuable tools in easily and quickly connecting people interested in politics. By joining a chat room on a certain subject or creating  yourself, you can meet others who want to engage in political discussions.

 In celebration of Father’s Day in several countries around the world, we’ve collected some of our favorite tech-themed Dad Jokes. We are also excited to announce our two winning submissions: ThanhTuan from Vietnam and freebird2016 from the UK. These lucky users get a 1-month VIP subscription!