Paltalk Couples: angel_1891 and merlinswrench

Couple Merlin and Angel, together for 11 years.

Nicknames: merlinswrench and angel_1891

Where they can be found: World of Trance and other music rooms

Together for: 11 years

Their story:

Merlinswrench and angel_1891 met in the mid-2000s when Merlin helped Angel avoid a few guys who were picking on her. Originally, they chatted via text in the dance room World of Trance. However, when Merlin clicked on Angel’s webcam for the first time, he says he knew he had to see more! Both Merlin and Angel were Basic users at the time, so he bought two Extreme subscriptions so they could see each other. They rose through the room ranks to become admin together, and after eight months of talking every day, it was time for them to meet. 

Angel lived more than 3800 miles away from Merlin in another country, but that didn’t stop them! When Angel invited Merlin to accompany her to a cousin’s wedding, he accepted and flew to meet her. Their time together went so well that when Merlin returned home after the wedding, he sold his things and moved to be near Angel. They have been together now for 11 years and married for almost five. They have added five kids to their family in that time and are never far apart.

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