Private Rooms on Paltalk are HERE!


Video chat has become a large part of people’s day to day lives since the Coronavirus pandemic began in 2020. What used to be a random occurrence for special occasions, has now become one of the top ways for people to stay connected with family and friends. Paltalk has been proud to offer a space for many to explore new interests, create friendships, and just pass the long hours stuck at home. And now Paltalk is only getting better with all NEW Private Rooms! Private Rooms allow you to chat and meet with your closest friends and family, in a secure password protected video chat room. Check out some of the main features of Private Rooms: 

Absolutely FREE

Unlike other video chatting apps, Paltalk Private rooms are free, with no timeouts or hidden fees. This means that Private Rooms are also free for you to create and use! Paltalk understands how tough the last year has been on everyone, and keeping this valuable service free is very important. No need to break the bank to stay connected with friends, just download the Paltalk app and get started. 

NO Time Limit

Have you ever gotten booted off a video chat after a random 40 minute time-limit? Or in the middle of a video dinner with family and watched the screen go black. Paltalk has created a space in which you can talk in Private Rooms with zero time limits on the chat. No time limit allows you to hang out in the space and really get that quality time with those you are close to. No need to constantly check the clock or keep an eye on a pesky countdown to make sure you wrap up what you need to say in time. Hang out with your loved ones for as long as you’d like in Paltalk’s new Private Rooms. 

Personalized Invite URL

Paltalk Private Rooms makes inviting friends and family EASY with a seamless invite URL that is just for your own room. To create a Private Room, go to My Rooms -> Create a Private Room (on the Desktop apps) or Profile -> Create a Room (on the Mobile apps). Grab your share link and invite any guest who can join with one simple click. Easy is best and makes sure that everyone can be involved in the chat! 

Accessible on ALL Platforms

It’s a big world out there and not everyone uses the same type of device. Some of your friends may prefer chatting on their Android phone, while the others enjoy a larger screen on a macOS system. Paltalk Private Rooms is conveniently accessible on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows systems! No matter what device you and your friends are using, they can easily access Paltalk Private Rooms. 

Here at Paltalk we believe that it should always be simple, and free to have a private video chat with friends and family. Download Paltalk on your preferred device and experience Private Rooms for yourself!